SDG International Ministries

To amplify the Gospel of Christ's message of love and compassion through dedicated humanitarian projects.

About Us

Humanitarian Efforts through Jesus Christ

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Christ through compassionate action. We are dedicated to facilitating humanitarian projects that transcend borders, fostering both spiritual and physical growth in communities around the world. Our commitment to service knows no boundaries as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities, sharing the message of love, hope, and faith while actively engaging in projects that uplift humanity."


Johan Adendorff

SDGI Ministries

Mission Work

Zimbabwe Mission in Southern Africa

Quarterly mission support is provided for two missionaries, Farrai Denga and Lucky…
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India Mission in Andrah Pradesh

This mission is focused on comprehensive support and empowerment in Andhra Pradesh.…
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Serving Our City: Fightingville Outreach Feeding the Homeless Project in downtown Lafayette, in collaboration with the…
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2024 Projects

Drilling Water Well in Gwamba: Bringing essential water access to the community…
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4 step process

Our Process


Find a Community in Need


Provide Resources


Enable Self-Sufficiency


Inspire Growth

SDGI Ministries

Organization Goals

Serving Communities

Local and Foreign: By serving and building up local and foreign communities, we showcase the love of Jesus Christ to the underserved and underprivileged.

Plant Churches

We believe that spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important and prevalent part of what we do at SDGI Ministries.

Supplying Aid in Crisis

Being proactive in times of Distress and uncertainty is a very important aspect of being a part of the church of Jesus Christ and we take it very seriously.


Frequently Asked Questions

100% of your donations go towards the mission you are donating to. To support communities across the world and enable them to live self-sufficiently, while spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Contact us about volunteer opportunities to see how you can contribute to the cause! 


Churches Planted


Projects Completed


Countries Affected