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Mission Statement

At SDG International ministries, our mission is to amplify the Gospel of Christ's message of love and compassion through dedicated humanitarian projects. We believe in fostering both spiritual and physical growth, not only for individuals but also for entire communities, transcending borders and spreading the seeds of positive change.

Our commitment lies in the intersection of faith and action, as we tirelessly work towards bringing the transformative power of the Gospel to life. Through our humanitarian endeavors, we aim to uplift and serve those in need, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

We envision a world where the Gospel's teachings are manifested through tangible acts of kindness and support. By uniting spiritual and physical growth, we aspire to create lasting impacts that resonate across cultures and nations. Together, we can bridge divides, inspire hope, and make a profound difference in the lives of people around the globe.

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Christ through compassionate action. We are dedicated to facilitating humanitarian projects that transcend borders, fostering both spiritual and physical growth in communities around the world. Our commitment to service knows no boundaries as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities, sharing the message of love, hope, and faith while actively engaging in projects that uplift humanity.

Join us on this journey of faith, compassion, and service as we strive to make the Gospel of Christ a beacon of light for all, fostering spiritual enlightenment and tangible betterment in our shared human experience.


Providing resources and education to communities to enable better lives.


Spreading God's love and grace through individuals and whole communities.


An Environment is everything that is around us


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SDGI Ministries is run and founded by Johan Adendorff, and overseen by a board of directors.